Poncy guy, about yea big. Mountain of dicks.

  • me:  i need to sleep
  • me:  *masturbates*

Song: Part II
Artist: Desire


{ into the misty light }


{ into the misty light }

Song: 1분 1초
Artist: Epik High Feat. 타루


fun ways to tell your family you’ve ascended to the rank of demon lord

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every novel is a mystery if you don’t finish it

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Song: Lesson 4 (Tablo's Word)
Artist: Epik High

Lesson 4 (Tablo’s Word) | Epik High

The truth is; Toothless
Two-faced; Roofless
Crude taste; suitcase
The truth is; A moot case

The truth is ruthless, toothless but fanged
Two-faced bruteness, roofless in the rain
The crude taste of sane, a suitcase full of pain
The truth is truthless, a moot case of blame

I don’t want to hear it.